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239.00 KGS
125.00 (cm)
136.00 (cm)
203.00 (cm)

The e-ROK, a battery powered ride-on line marker, based on the well established Kombi, is a product of Fleet's determination to constantly improve their customer's efficiency. 

This latest innovation can be easily recharged using a standard household socket, The e-ROK's highly efficient power pack dramatically cuts running costs compared to petrol power, while at the same time giving smooth, controlled acceleration and braking. 

At the heart of the e-ROK is a powerful electric motor which significantly reduces noise pollution and vibration. This helps the operator to comfortably use the e-ROK to its maximum potential. 

The central foot enables the driver to mark in the middle allowing for easy line of sight. Side marking is particularly useful when negotiating goal posts.

  • 50,75,100,120mm line marking width
  • Front marking foot
  • Retractable side marking arm
  • 90 amp battery
  • 48v electrical system
  • Electrostatic braking
  • Automatic hill brake
  • Handbrake
  • Front mud guards
  • Sprung seat for comfort
  • Reverse
  • Kombi, BeamRider & MAQA compatible
1 Year Standard Warranty